After care

At InkYourSkin we want to make sure that the healing of your tattoo / piercing happens at its best.

Please, make sure you follow the instructions below…


Tattoo care instructions

When you get home, wash your hands , take of the foil/bandage and wash your tattoo carefully with soft, perfume less/neutral soap.
Wash with half warm water, when done , pat it dry with a clean towel.
you should always wash your hands before you take care of the your tattoo, and wash the tattoo before you apply the cream.
Carefully apply a thin layer of tattoo crème on the top of your tattoo.
we recommend that you cream your tattoo 3-4 times per day for 2-3 weeks.
If you feel your skin dries up, apply an extra thin layer.
Only wear (loose) cotton clothing on your tattoo.
Eat healthy and take some extra natural vitamins, be careful with alcohol. The healing will take about 2 weeks.
No sunbathing, swimming or sauna. (sitting for long time in water)
Don’t let anyone touch your tattoo.
Be careful with sporting, too much stretching and sweating might damage the scabs.
Don’t touch pets or other animals, keep a proper hygiene.
The tattoo will start to itch when it’s getting healed, Don’t scratch it! Instead smear your tattoo with a bit of a tattoo crème.
If you are worried about anything don’t hesitate to contact us.
Don’t follow advice from friends, stick to these care instructions!


Piercing care instructions

Your body piercer wills advice you on aftercare. To heal your piercing you have to wash it two times a day. Make sure it’s the last thing you do in the shower!We recommend a ph neutral soap like SEBAMED, UNICURA or all natural real Olive soap. First take away the scabs from the jewel and put the foam of the soap on. Then gently move the the ring or bar, rinse it with water and dry off ! Don’t sleep on the piercing! That’s why little bumps can occur! When it’s irritated we recommend to soak it in a solution of a quarter liter cooked water and add a half teaspoon of sea-salt for 10 min. then wash it with Sebamed and rinse and dry. If you suspect you have an infection you should feel free to consult your piercer and zinc supplement will often help boost your immune system, as well vitamin D3 helping your body heal itself.